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Acrylic Resin Victoria and Louis Ghost Chair

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GHOST CHAIR -- Victoria and Louis Chair  

Ghost Chair, design guicai Philippe Starck across from design in person, and Louis Ghost is original to the trend of unparalleled technical capabilities also bring work. A color transparent polycarbonate (PC for short) made Louis 15-style seating, amazing, exciting, is the Baroque reproduction creative. LOUIS GHOST is the world's most daring use of monolithic polycarbonate template example, their productions on TOR is a real technological challenge--round the back of the arm and reflects the difficulty of high technology, Crystal-like, serious impact and scratches but stop-loss. In the interior design or fashion magazines are often even LV fashion designer MARC JACOBS Show Room is also the Chair of exposure rate is extremely high, as long as there are chairs in your space, this shows up, feels as a whole will be very different, very stylish. Sex and the City Carrie meet the artist Lady in France is using the chairs in the restaurant. Designer classics, spent a dozen years is also very popular, permanent collection.

Haidong imported PC material, hardness, toughness, high transparency, round back like a mix of radiation beams to extend, as if by people being covered up, great Visual tension, supplemented with gloss black, gloss white light ray casting, overall interior space new! Are also very suitable for shop decoration furniture, Oh!

In the home environment, can also highlight the owner of great taste! The major fashion magazine, interior design magazine together with introduction of classic; many famous design exhibitions, restaurants can be seen! Very high exposure rates!!!


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